Bootcamp tImes Vary: Usually 07:00 every Saturday & Sunday
Tough Workouts Plyometrics is Key Speed, Power & Flexibility

Tough Workouts

If you want a light session at the gym this is the wrong place! Be prepared to work, be prepared to sweat. This is about hitting the next level with your strength, conditioning, and speed.

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Plyometrics is Key

Plyometric fitness training is at the core of a workout. Plyometrics lets you jump higher, run faster, and gain that explosive power that all your favorite athletes have.

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Speed, Power & Flexibility

Develop strength, power and flexibility. Jump training, strength conditioning, plyometrics and yoga can all help to achieve raw strength.

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About Doggs Bollocks MCC
Why choose our bootcamps?

Tired of starting workout programs over and over again?
Tired of trying to figure out what to do next?

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I started eating better (not great all the time) and doing CrossFit in July, was not happy with my body or my weight. My…

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Plyometric Bootcamp

Today is a great day to start with us! Workouts at 8 and 9 am. Bring a friend for free.

Most people I talk to…

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The Ultimate Fitness Bootcamps

Are you wondering why we charge as much as $150 per month for our monthly membership while most “Globo-Gyms” charge anywhere from $10-$50? A gym membership is a gym membership, right?

Our bootcamps are different.

A typical day…


– Scan your card to be let in and greeted by no one or someone studying for a test.

– Workout alone on boring machines, running in place and doing the same routines.

– Other members all have their headphones on and flex in the mirror.

– Get minimal (if any) results. Fizzle out after two months but keep paying for 10 more.


Doggsbollocksmcc Bootcamps

– Check in with someone who knows you and is helping you succeed.

– Workout with a coach performing a full spectrum of functional movements.

– Other members talk with you, laugh with you, and encourage you because they are doing the same workout.

– Get measurable results, “enjoy” the process, become hooked, never look back.

In addition to the community atmosphere, we offer a different service. Our coaches correct, encourage, and congratulate everyone through every workout. A trainer is there to push you while keeping you safe at the same time. All of your workouts are tracked to monitor progress and stay motivated. We understand the latest training methods from plyometrics to interval training… training with weights or cardio routines… we’ve got you.

We cater to basketball players, volleyball players, the future soccer and basketball stars, or bodybuilders looking to bulk up. We can help you run faster, lift bigger weights, increase your vertical jump to jump higher, and more.

If you compare our unlimited membership to a typical group rate with a personal trainer, you’ll see the value.

Personal trainer group rate

– 3 workouts per week $100 (cheapest I’ve found)

– membership $40

– $440 per month

Doggsbollocksmcc Bootcamps

– UNLIMITED workouts per week

– $150 per month (or less)

Still don’t think you can afford it? Realize that dinner and a movie for two is easily over $50. Throw in a few drinks and you could end up over $100 or more. If you skip 2 of these per month, you’ve paid for your membership. You won’t miss it when CrossFit becomes part of your routine.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “what else would I rather spend the money on?” What is more important than health? It’s about adding years to your life and life to your years. Would you rather spend money on overpriced food & drinks, blood pressure medication, or a Central CrossFit membership?

In conclusion:

Doggsbollocksmcc Bootcamps are not a more expensive form of a Globo-Gym. Doggsbollocksmcc Bootcamps are a less expensive, more effective form of personal training.


About Doggs Bollocks MCC Why choose our bootcamps? Tired of starting workout programs over and over again? Tired of trying to figure out what to do next? Tired of the same thing every week? Tired of not getting results? DBMCC’s mission is to create a tribe of people who never say those things about their […]

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