About Doggs Bollocks MCC
Why choose our bootcamps?

Tired of starting workout programs over and over again?
Tired of trying to figure out what to do next?
Tired of the same thing every week?
Tired of not getting results?

DBMCC’s mission is to create a tribe of people who never say those things about their workout program.

Cross Fit workouts are fun and challenging with ever-increasing levels of expertise to conquer. People want to stick with it.
Workout programming is designed by a Cross Fit Trainer. It’s our job, we love it, it’s what we do best. Save your time for something else.
Workouts are constantly varied. Routine is the enemy of fitness plus variety means your body is always forced to adapt.
How many people would you like to speak with to see if they got results?


DBMCC is primarily an outdoor bootcamp so we don’t operate from a specific gym. Our sometime temporary home is 1200 sq ft with equipment for sessions of up to 10 people. We keep it small and personal. No machines. Real weights. Climb ropes, throw medicine balls, slam weights, that’s what we do. It’s deeply satisfying.